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Mandarin Mandarine proposes a fine selection of traditional Chinese clothes and accessories, revisited with a western touch, for babies and children up to 12 years old.

All our creations are hand made by talented men and women selected for their expertise, in different parts of China renowned for their know-how in particular domains. Our products are made of high quality natural material like cotton, silk, bamboo, paper, wood, porcelain or mother-of-pearl.

Why Mandarin Mandarine?

“Mandarin” is for the Chinese national language, and a reference to the ancient, well-read Chinese Mandarins.

“Mandarine” is the French name for tangerine. The tangerine was first discovered in China and brought to Europe through the Silk Road. Both the fruit and the orange color are symbols of dynamism, joy and celebration.

What does “re-creations for kids” mean?

A “re-creation” is the re-invention of an already existing object. Mandarin Mandarine re-invents the traditional clothes and objects that Chinese children (and more generally Asian children) used to wear and possess, to re-discover their beauty and adapt them to our contemporary way of living.

The team

Marilyne, Founder

Marilyne, French, lives in Hangzhou, China, since 2005. She initially studied landscape architecture and came to China to explore the huge local floral diversity. While she was travelling all around China, she discovered amazing talents who really deserved to be highlighted. Having a young child, she decided to create Mandarin Mandarine to combine both of her passions.

Suzanna, Sales manager

Miss CHEN Shu Zhen, Suzanna, has been living in Hangzhou since 2004. She is in charge of Mandarin Mandarine sales, both in showrooms and online. As a lover of arts, painting and handicrafts, Suzanna has been immediately attracted by the products designed and sold by Mandarin Mandarine. The cause Mandarin Mandarine defends is very meaningful to her and she hopes that people will pay more attention to children’s healthy growth and Chinese high-quality handicrafts.

Virginie, Online communication

Virginie, French, spent 4 years in the gorgeous city of Hangzhou, China. Her passion for Asian culture and art, her love for exploring little boutiques and markets to try and find unique objects, and her 15 years background in a large multinational company, led her to embark in the great Mandarin Mandarine adventure. Virginie owns Virginie LH Studio Web, a web services company.